Building Native Mobile Apps

June 2015 by: Alpha Tech

Mobile first has become one of the golden rules for aspiring and existing startups. Many new startups focus on building their mobile presence first before going to web – some have even taken the mobile-only approach. Its hard to argue against such logic as more people invest time into their smartphones – Cisco has forecasted global mobile traffic to double in just 2 years from 2015 levels to over 11M TB/month.

The move to mobile has meant that building native mobile apps rather than relying on mobile-friendly websites has become critical to an enterprise’s success. Unlike mobile-friendly websites native apps are created from the ground up and use the device’s hardware and software resources directly – think vs. CNN app. Statistics provider Nielsen recently revealed in a survey that time spent engaging with native apps has increased 63% over the last 2 years.

So its no surprise that a slew of new startups have popped up that help entrepreneurs and companies build their native apps quicker and more easily. From free to paid options, to offering testing platforms and hosting services (see examples below), startups now have lower barriers to create their own native mobile apps.

Our Take As the flow of apps into mobile ecosystems continues the competitive advantage a native app has to offer companies will diminish and will become a basic requirement a consumer demands. This shift in paradigm to mobile first is well on its way and entrepreneurs and startups will be well served to take heed. It will however be interesting to see what comes after the mobile-age.