Coming Soon: Facebook at Work

December 2014 by: Alpha Tech

Browsing Facebook at work may soon cease to be a big ‘no-no’. A report by the Financial Times has just revealed that the social networking giant is working on a new community platform for businesses.Dubbed ‘Facebook at Work’ the website will allow users to “chat with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate over documents”. While many expect the current social networking platform to form the basis for Facebook at Work, it looks like Facebook will promote the new platform as an entirely new enterprise product.

While features and product details remain scarce, observers are pointing out that Facebook at Work will prove to be a worthy rival to current incumbents like LinkedIn, whose shares fell 4.5% on the Financial Time’s announcement, and Google’s online collaboration tools Google Docs and Google Drive (see video). The new product is currently in use internally and is being tested with a handful of external partners and enterprises. 

Our Take So is Facebook making the right move? New enterprise tools that offer social networking and collaboration features to businesses have certainly increased in popularity and valuations (see picture) as the modern workplace and professional culture continues to evolve. Moreover Facebook’s US users spend an average of 40 minutes per day on the platform – far less than the average 5 hours spent in front of the TV. Giving users legitimate access to its platform while at work will certainly increase Facebook’s engagement levels.

The biggest hurdle Facebook faces will unsurprisingly be enterprises’ privacy concerns. Businesses will inevitably have to weigh the pros and cons of adopting Facebook’s new product with the potential of divulging their precious data to one of the biggest repositories of digital information today.