Web: Amazon proposes drones-only airspace to facilitate high-speed delivery

July 2015 by: From The Web

Amazon is proposing that a pristine slice of airspace above the world’s cities and suburbs should be set aside for the deployment of high-speed aerial drones capable of flying robotically with virtually no human interference.

The retail giant has taken the next step in its ambition to deliver packages via drone within 30 minutes by setting out in greater detail than ever before its vision for the future of robotic flight. It envisages that within the next 10 years hundreds of thousands of small drones – not all of them Amazon’s or devoted to delivery – will be tearing across the skies every day largely under their own automated control.


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Our Take The concept of drone delivery has certainly heated up over recent months and at the forefront of this push is undoubtedly the US' largest e-tailer Amazon. From delivering your groceries, books, and even lifesaving medical apparatus, many are lauding these unmanned vehicles as opening a bold new path for human communication and interaction. But regulators around the world are still grappling with the idea of having these machines crowd up our skies - the United States Federal Aviation Administration recently released draft rules that required drone operation to occur within the visual line of sight of the operator and thereby quashing Amazon's dream of drone armies delivering their goods. 

However this hasn’t stopped proponents of the technology like Amazon who are taking incremental steps to appease the doubtful. The Company’s Prime Air program which is still in testing is setting itself a 30 minute or less delivery time for the use of drones rather than going for nationwide coverage from day 1. As with all new technologies, it will take both companies, regulators and individuals working cooperatively to get the optimum result. Let’s hope the idea doesn’t get shot down too soon.