Web: Bitcoin At $7000, Undervalued Or Overvalued?

September 2018 by: From The Web

At $7,000, Bitcoin can be both undervalued or overvalued, depending on how the “intrinsic” value of the digital currency is calculated.

After testing the $6000-mark for a while, Bitcoin has staged a big comeback lately. In the last seven days, the digital currency has rallied 6.15%, trading close to the $7,000-mark. Other cryptocurrencies have rallied in sympathy—see table 1 and Table 2.

The rally in cryptocurrencies have some experts cheering. One of them is Global Blockchain CEO, Shidan Gouran, who sees a 'hard value' at$6000. “What this means for the present is that motion is already happening. Because it costs about $6,000 to mine a Bitcoin, it couldn’t go too much lower than that. If no one sees any value in it, it will naturally only command its ‘hard value’ price of about that much. But as we can see, people clearly do see value in it. For example, the efforts to legalize a Bitcoin ETF are persisting. Further, story after story is hitting the news about big-name institutions taking steps to trade Bitcoin. While the idea of these big-time uses of Bitcoin were nothing more than a fantasy about a year ago, the signs are actually starting to emerge that it’s going to happen. So undoubtedly, this is stimulating demand to some degree.”


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