Web: Blooming wants to reduce stress at work

March 2016 by: From The Web

Finnish startup Blooming is aiming to help bouncing-off-the-walls-stressed office workers regain control of their lives by using wearable tech. The service includes monitoring and tracking stress levels, plus recommendation software and meditation advice to help give workers the space to stop and smell the roses.

To help its plans come to fruition, the company recently raised a small round of pre-seed funding from Lifeline Ventures and Reaktor Ventures.

The company combines existing hardware solutions with their own software platform and a series of coaching services. For the brain activity monitoring, it partnered with Interaxon, which already creates a series of products to help improve mediation. For the heart rate monitoring hardware, Blooming turned to Firstbeat, which has a broad line-up of tools for sports, stress, and sleep monitoring tools.

The service combines training programs, technology for self-monitoring, personal coaching and a light brushing of peer pressure to help keep stress levels under control, all delivered via smartphone app. The main thrust of the company’s siege against mental corrosion is mindfulness meditation.


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