Web: Could Apple Turn into Blackberry?

May 2016 by: From The Web

If Google is right about the future, there are troubling signs to suggest Apple could meet the same fate as BlackBerry, according to top Apple follower Marco Arment. 

In a blog post, Arment argues that BlackBerry was great at creating phones and dominated the market before Apple released the iPhone.

The problem was that the iPhone release didn't just create a better smartphone — it changed what people used them for entirely. 

BlackBerry was great at creating at a device for email and phone calls, but Apple unleashed the App Store and now there's an app for everything. It fundamentally changed the definition for a smartphone, and BlackBerry couldn't ever play catch-up.

"No new initiative, management change, or acquisition in 2007 could’ve saved the BlackBerry. It was too late, and the gulf was too wide," Arment wrote. 

Now the concern is that Apple too could meet the same fate and be displaced entirely. 

"Today, Amazon, Facebook, and Google are placing large bets on advanced AI, ubiquitous assistants, and voice interfaces, hoping that these will become the next thing that our devices arefor," Arment wrote. "If they’re right — and that’s a big 'if' — I’m worried for Apple."


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