Web: DJI wants you to build sentient drones with its tiny computer

November 2015 by: From The Web

DJI has created a computer called Manifold that extends the capabilities of its Matrice test drone.

It's a platform for developers to build on, which DJI says can turn drones into "truly intelligent flying robots that can perform complex computing tasks and advanced image processing."

Think of it as something like an overpowered Arduino built specifically for drones. As well as customized ports for interfacing with the Matrice, the Manifold has USB, Ethernet, Mini-PCIe, HDMI, UART, SPI and I2C ports, which allow for all manner of sensors and add-ons to be connected.

It's powered by an Nvidia K1 processor with Kepler graphics, runs Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (a version of Linux with "long-term support"), and weighs less than 200g.


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