Web: Dropbox passes 500M users

March 2016 by: From The Web

Dropbox today announced a new milestone: half a billion users. The service hit 100 million users in November 2012, 200 million in November 2013, 300 million in May 2014, and 400 million in June 2015.

In other words, Dropbox’s growth was accelerating in 2014, slowed down in 2015, and is now back on the rise. Jumping between 200 million and 300 million took six months, moving between 300 million and 400 million took 13 months, and the last 100 million was added in nine months.

These most recent 100 million users have come from all over the world, with Dropbox specifically calling out Brazilians, Indians, Brits, Germans, and Americans at the top of the list of new signups. The company further adds that this is the case for consumers as well as businesses: While Dropbox is U.S.-based, its users are part of “a truly global community.” More specifically, 75 percent of Dropbox users are outside the U.S.

Dropbox also shared that its users have created 3.3 billion connections between each other, a 51 percent jump over the last year. Furthermore, 44 percent of new accounts were opened as a result of existing users introducing their friends, family, and coworkers to Dropbox.


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