Web: Facebook wants to kill phone numbers forever

January 2016 by: From The Web

Our phones have evolved drastically over the past decade. They’ve gone from devices meant for simple texting and calling to full-blown computers that fit in our pockets That’s why David Marcus, Facebook’s head of Messenger, believes the way we communicate is also in need of an upgrade.

“And just like the flip phone is disappearing, old communication styles are disappearing too,” wrote Marcus in a blog post Thursday.

Marcus believes Facebook’s Messenger app, which now has 800 million users, will be the go-to chat platform of the future. Unlike with text messaging, you don’t need to know a person’s phone number in order to reach them on Messenger, Marcus argues. And it’s a more feature-rich platform than simple calling: you can use the app to send money, GIFs, stickers, voice clips, and your location in addition to sending text and multimedia.

Marcus’ post comes as Facebook is busy changing Messenger from a simple chat app to a full-blown platform. Facebook introduced “Messenger as a Platform” last year, an effort to attract outside developers to build new features for the service. The strategy is already bearing fruit: Messenger users can now interact with businesses to make purchases, chat with customer service representatives, and order rides through Uber.


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