Web: Google Expands Blockchain Push With Digital Asset Tie-Up

July 2018 by: From The Web

Google is increasingly betting that blockchain technology, which creates a permanent ledger across multiple computers, will be key to competing with Amazon and Microsoft in cloud services. To that end, Google and the New York-based startup Digital Asset announced a partnership on Monday to bring blockchain to Google Cloud.

“We’re partnering with Google Cloud to provide developers with a full stack solution so they can unleash the potential for web-paced innovation in blockchain,” said Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset, in a statement.

The crux of the partnership involves Digital Asset providing Google access to a software development kit (SDK) that will let the company’s developers experiment with a smart contract programming language known as DAML.

Digital Asset unveiled DAML, which stands for Digital Asset Modeling Language, in March as a simplified way for companies to build blockchain applications, including smart contracts, for a variety of purposes.


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