Web: Instagram gets serious about ads, opening platform to all

September 2015 by: From The Web

Instagram is making it easy for any company to pitch its products next to filtered photos of sunsets and celebrity selfies. Previously only open to a select group of brands in the U.S., now any company in 30 countries can advertise on the platform with a “self-serve” option, with further international expansion planned for September 30.

The announcement on Wednesday comes as Instagram’s parent company, Facebook , is facing increasing pressure from investors about making money from its big acquisitions. Although Instagram’s $1 billion price tag makes it cheaper than Facebook’s other splashy deals, Facebook has owned Instagram longer. Instagram’s transformation into a business will set the tone for how those other acquisitions — $2 billion Oculus VR and $19 billion WhatsApp — will make money.

With Instagram’s advertising kicking into high gear, analysts at Kenshoo, a marketing software company, predict the social network could make as much as $1 billion in annual revenue in the next three to four years. It would be enough to make a difference in Facebook’s $12.4 billion in annual revenue. Emarketer has predicted $595 million in ad revenue at Instagram this year alone.


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