Web: Microsoft just scored a big new cloud partner

November 2015 by: From The Web

Microsoft just scored a big win in the public cloud wars. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which was half of the original HP until just a few weeks ago, will soon start offering the Microsoft Azure public cloud infrastructure services to its customers.

This is significant because for a few years, HP offered its own public cloud. Then, just last month, HP announced that it would close down the service. Today, during Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s inaugural conference call with financial analysts, the other shoe dropped: chief executive Meg Whitman talked about a new partnership with Microsoft that will encompass both public and hybrid cloud. Here’s a relevant snippet from the transcript:

In line with that approach, we’ve reached a strategic agreement with Microsoft that you’ll hear more about during Discover next week. Microsoft shares our view of a hybrid IT approach for enterprises, and we both see opportunity to simplify hybrid infrastructure for our customers. Going forward, Microsoft Azure will become a preferred public cloud partner and HPE will serve as a preferred provider of Microsoft’s infrastructure and services for its hybrid cloud offerings.


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