Web: Mobile browser traffic is 2X bigger than app traffic

September 2015 by: From The Web

Mobile browser traffic is actually twice that of mobile app traffic, according to a just-released Morgan Stanley report that rates Google’s stock as a buy. This appears to fly in the face of recent, strong, and repeated evidence that the app is winning, capturing 80-90 percent of our time on mobile.

Actually, both are right.

Using comScore data, Morgan Stanley says the web is winning:

On the one hand, that’s great news for those who are facing higher and higher mobile user acquisition costs as premium in-app inventory dries up. And it’s great news for brand marketers, who are continually looking for ways to reach new customers.

But it’s also potentially confusing, given that a report released this week by comScore itself said that 87 percent of all time spent on mobile in the U.S. was spent in mobile apps. Not only are we spending almost 9 out of every 10 minutes in apps, but that number has grown 90 percent since 2013, while mobile web time has grown only 53 percent in the same period.


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