Web: Samsung developing robots to replace cheap Chinese labour

October 2015 by: From The Web

The South Korean government has handed Samsung a multi-million dollar investment to develop factory robots that can carry out complex tasks normally reserved for nimble human fingers.

The country's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said the $16.75 billion won ($14.8m, £9.57m) investment would help manufacturers compete with cheap labour in China.

According to the Yonha News Agency, Samsung will be tasked with developing high-precision robots that are currently expensive and often imported from abroad. The ministry expects work to be completed by late 2018.

Samsung will build precision speed reducers, motors, controllers and sensor encoders. The plan, the ministry said, was for South Korean robots to pick up work normally done by low-wage Chinese workers.

The robots will eventually be put to work making products such as mobile phones and other consumer electronics that require the level of precision often only possible with human hands.


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