Web: Yahoo attempts to take on Facebook with reimagined Messenger

December 2015 by: From The Web

Remember Yahoo Messenger? It used to be the instant messaging client of choice for many people (like myself) but even though it never really went away, it eventually fell by the wayside as social media and newer apps like FacebookMessenger and Whatsapp took over. Well, it's trying to make a comeback. Yahoo announced today that it's revealing an entirely new Messenger platform -- on mobile, web and within Yahoo Mail -- that has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster, smarter and better than ever before.

Key to the experience is that Yahoo has created the new Messenger with group messaging in mind. To that end, the new Yahoo Messenger makes it super easy to add contacts to conversations. It understands relationships between contacts -- which are incidentally culled from your email address book instead of your phone's -- so as soon as you add one person to the conversation, it'll guess the next participant (based on how often you talk to the same people) and so forth. Anyone in the group can add another chat buddy. Like on WhatsApp, you can name each conversation group too -- maybe you can have one for "drinking buddies" and one for "weekend warriors."

And it's not just about slinging text at each other either. Jeff Bonforte, Yahoo's Senior VP for communication products, told us that one of the most popular usecases for messaging is sharing photos. And since it so happens that Yahoo also owns Flickr, it made sense for them to harness Flickr's powerful photo management platform for its messaging product as well. This, according to Bonforte, is sort of Yahoo Messenger's secret sauce to handling and processing images.


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